Saturday, September 19, 2009

Tosh and Lauren Talk About

In a moment of boredom earlier this morning, I decided to check every account I currently have on the web. So, of course, I played around on YouTube for a while. I checked the status of Tosh's and my account. To my surprise, we have 1,317 views on our Tosh and Lauren Talk About videos! This is for you Mrs. Gillmore: can you say cha-ching?! I feel almost famous. Now, most of our viewers know us, so we're not that famous, but still...

Tosh and Lauren Talk About started as just something to pass the time in choir class. (You can read all about this here Tosh and I soon found that making a talk show was really fun, so we decided to do it regularly and upload it to YouTube. Now, in the above link, Tosh talks all about the beginning and development of Tosh and Lauren Talk About. I'm not going to do that, but I'm going to reminisce. And advertise. :)

I love watching our old episodes. I literally laugh out loud during each of them. Sometimes, it's because of what's going on in the episode. Other times, it's because of what happened before filming or what was going on behind the camera. Tosh and I don't write out scripts. We just come up with ideas, get our props into the GBBOE (That's the Great Big Bag of Everything for all of you non-viewers), and go. There's no telling what will end up in the final cut. For example, in our most watched episode "Tosh and Lauren Talk About Sleepovers", we ended up having to film about three times. Each time was completely different. In one take, we ended up singing songs. In another, Tosh chased me around. I think the only part the remained the same was the begining: Tosh came out and sang our theme song (Yes, we have a theme song) and I hid in the GBBOE. That was fun.

Each episode brings back memories for me. In one episode, viewers called in with questions and comments. That took forever to work out, and it was probably the most frustrating to make. When we came up with the Cristmas episode, Nelson was originally supposed to be the Grinch. :) But, he chickened out, so we ended up bribing my brother to do it. Once, we got really bored at my house, and just decided to do a video response to Tosh's cousin's video. We just did the exact opposite of everything he did. I remember we wore headphones that weren't connected to anything because he wore headphones in his video. Then, I got up to do something during the video, and my headphones drug on the ground. Since it was the dead of winter, there was static electricity everywhere and the headphones shocked me over and over in my ears. It hurt, but if you watch the video, you'd never know. Every single episode involves Tosh saying something about me being funny looking. I have no idea how that started, but it's just hilarious to me. After we film, Tosh always says "Now Lauren, remember that I think you're not funny looking." I guess she feels bad each time. But it does make for funny videos. We have tons more ideas for episodes. Plus, we decided to start a new line of videos that have nothing to do with us talking about stuff. They're going to be called "Tosh and Lauren Talk About Presents:..." I don't see an end to this anywhere. We have way too much fun.

By the way, if you want to check out Tosh and Lauren Talk About, click here

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